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Seventeen (TK Records 2016)

   Pointing to the past and simplicity sorta feelings on having or making friends and people colorful important graduates by hope as Phatrabbit that consisted for Will Dudek (guitars, vocals, piano), Andrew Rock (bass, vocals), Eli Spector (drums, vocals, percussion) and Josh Bloom (guitars, vocals) as important and summative by colors of Indie-Pop Punk sounds like home-made garage sessions but more professional further and filled with teenage heart-throbs and honest in warmest “xoxo” by history as exciting Philly, Pennsylvania’s self-titled recording just like these nine interesting catchy 4:30, Blue, Love Song Skinny Legs and Drown really pleasure to listening to make a little less smiling to your house and sound-system with the forgetting of those Voice Memo pt. 1 for awhile.