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Set It All Free (Self-Released 2013)

Modern Rock quartet from Long Island, New York - Blameshift consisting on vocalist Jenny Mann, Tim Barbour (guitars, vocals), drummer Jeff Maurer and Mike LaRoach as the bass player recognized on their extensive works and touring of high energy live shows including Warped Tour until the benefits over the band’s third releasing records so far as thus materials seem to be sounded cleverly classics as Secrets became the most valuable intricate source expanded from feed the beat onto highlighted multiple ramshackle signing in or producing/managing lost of stars reaching as well as the lower-down to earth profiles once again that you won’t be disappointed on having this band to rocking your stereo this afternoon using The Enemy You Need, Not Enough, Destroy Your Masquerade (feat. Paul McCoy) and No Apologies and Let Go – really go much further to have thus riffs and distorted sounds zipping the mouth while head-banging the metallic fusion heads to shreds because modern rock never fails to understands the listeners for perfect timing to rock out !