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Self-HMR45 (Rising Nemesis Records 2018)

   First the news blaring about the failure space programs brought back “something terrible from outer space” as the stressed signaled mayday communication tells you on the introduction of the Death Metal grinder quartet of Slovenia/Jesenice: Damir Juretic, Janez Skumavc, Luka Vezzosi and Rok Rupnik blending their anger, hatred and futuristic visions where the planet received the most destructive threats as the humanity falls which causing by their own stupidity and greed as Within Destruction releasing its third recordings via DEATHWISH – as Deathcore meets Death Metal melodic meets Classical Extreme Heavy Metal rules the stereo system and the mixture of growlers and screaming vocals as well as the gnashing grinds of riff-age and blistering double pedals manic means there’s a worldwide threats possibly would affecting as many as millions and more death and devastating comes in form of alien-monstrous creature gigantic – ramming down the society, civilizations and everything that has been build by our ancestors and the next present generations since – now smashed, turning into ruins and some survivors being consumed by the tentacles-like keeping them from dying or died but by terror and torture wounded preserves until the beast decided to feasting on them as the displaying tracks like Extinction, Torture Ritual, Human Defect, Downfall of Humanity and Darkness Swallows Us All shocking you later. As you might seeing how terrifying the creature as giant as totally scary because nothing can battles it and the nuclear weapons only making it stronger and bigger as hopes already being digests inside its stomach long time ago. No counting hours but suffering spreads and Death Metal music is the last thing louder that you can be heard before the earth finally, silenced.