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Seeped Through (Dark Alley Records 2008)

   Dave Martin (guitars), Diana “Die Winters” Adams (bass, vocals)Mike Webb (drums) and Roy Adams (keyboards, vocals) in Dark Palace of Waterfalls crazily might caught your interests for the liking on mid-tempo melodic Heavy Metal presence here as the solo guitars feels great or the rhythmic drumming and techniques upon the changing tempos and growlers giving not only the severe sounds blasting as well as angelic Gothic Metal symphonic within Horizon’s Gate, The Gift, Fathoms Apart, Wrong Side of The Mirror and Solace of The Shadows feels eerie beautiful to be a combining efforts which being shown over the full-length album released by the band – 13 Winters from Hollis, Maine written down their themed lyrics and music about mostly – darkness, pain, life and relationships within the combinations off Death/Doom/Black/Thrash Metal led by the female voice and couples visions. 

As astrology, pagan beliefs, magic touches and spellbound filling the entire opening tapestry telling you the history and reality that the lights shall never overcome the blackness because it was born out of the dark. 

Dark Palace Of Waterfalls: