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Seeds Tombs (Swiss Dark Nights 2018)

   “In My Eyes I Have The Past, In My Hands Just The Dust” means something and everything for the trio of Ago Giordano, Gennaro Campanile and Roberto Amato as being categorized themselves a could be Post-Punk or Darkwave and Electro-Pop restricted-area band composing their music in a pleasure of New Wave and Shoegaze as Geometric Vision with the releasing miscellaneous recording through Fire! Fire! Fire! Representing Naples – Italy within thus impressive artworks of triangle shapes as mastered by Marco Milanesio to rocking the suburbs teenagers and more people of the modern-days of The Cure/Robert Smith’s Disco-motioned music addicts for their weird choices of beats, music structures and the songs related and written about 79 D.C, Apocalypse Queen, Kimera, Jelly Dream with Volcan Caner on vocals onto The Head or Made of Stone really fascinating to been looking awaited for and finally, recovers as this presentations.

Yes, you will dancing and doing that spontaneous silly moves as they’re started ! 

Fire! Fire! Fire!: