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See Heaven Collection (Sumerian Records 2016)

   Emily Lazar making the concepts of heartbreak loss, pain or joy as well as redemption epic tales like a comic book in courage but darker themes chapters of her lives as this September Mourning rock stars meet superhero production by Shaj Ticotin and Howard Benson whole taps the symbiotically symbolism of the originality and mixtures over Electronic Metal, Rock Modern and graphics icon in formats without permanent boundaries exists there as Volume II releasing album reaches a new level og heights and depth as possible – telling you the rest of the Gothic Metal Symphinic stories written and created by her and the band; Stitch, Riven, Wraith and Shadou as dark Pop-culture on fantasy for your ears and eyes given birth over beauty and mystery collapsing tight and distorted as double pedals and magic riffs prevails heavier and good sense to make a sensation over those audiences attracted by the awesome arousing female intentions or intuitions via Heavy Metal symphonic harmonies on Eye Of The Storm, Before The Fall, Children Of Fate, Heart Can Hold, Superhuman onto Live Like You’re Alive may capturing the essential gloomy lights on the background while the woman figure put her spells onto you heads deeper and strongly alerted !

Volume II: