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Scherzando Dit Valse (Screamworks Records 2013)

   The deeper investigations conduct by filmmaker Jim and Aaron to make documentary video based on the local mocks off conspiracy theorist on the movie entitled The Conspiracy collecting evidence and then, interviews exclusively from the possible true source as well as paper clippings reconnected significant historic events from WWI to September 11 as Terrance G showed them impressively through his depth research. Sympathized Aaron and skeptic Jim agitating the source informant as pointing someone following him as Terrance shortly disappears while the documentary team continued their research moving in to Jim’s apartment figuring out attempts about the clippings related connection to the Tarsus Club – a non-governmental organization based on an ancient secret society by facts and history believed to be responsible to many events that change humanity course of modern living since.
Finding Tucker – the Time magazine writer claiming to have a contact with a man knows the inside layers of the society allegiance to worshiping Mithras and the condition to infiltrates their mansion in the woods as the new participants of the initiation members as worried Aaron enters the meeting greets while Jim goes in the initiation room. 
   The Conspiracy movie really has been an suspense thrilling story to watch as the mysterious and the secretive mission to unveiling the truth behind the society turns out to be dangerous and Darren Baker caught the moment of interests as well as the closer death experiences within the works of his composing soundtrack on the original motion picture as Atlas V, To a Million Places (Terrance), Pattern Refraction and Three Words: New World Order with the bull masked marking how the initiation person would closely going to meet his doom and die – chased by many masked members of Tarsus Club in the dark through the trees – with Jim surviving the game while Aaron gone missing as the editing footage documentary tells their method to scare the intruders on their meeting didn’t harmed Aaron as Jim doesn’t complaining as the world-wide cooperation of the governments, business and individuals keeps on going these days and the investigation resulting nothing but a hoax story.