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Sareni Tepih (Self-Released 2016)


Bosko Miluskovic the drummer, Milos Pajagic the bass player and Vukasin Delic on guitars/vocals as a trio with additional helps from vocalist Suzana Sumrah or Jamal Al Kiswani played the saxophoneleaving inside the empty vehicle as the group lending musical sounds over soundscape and cinematic experiments for Dol releasing the self-titled record called Dol.

These Belgrade, Serbia band painting your hearing room with the kinds of early Psychedelic Rock meets some Indie-Pop tunes as Rock N’ Roll and old alifornian Surf-Pop also includes here on the simple good album. Just like try to erased the terrifying past that made by the Balkans over their own kind neighbors long time ago with this moving forward artistic steps entertainments in local titles such as Ona Film, Neon, Ceo Dan, Kupres, Comme d’Habitude and of course, Zvonki Dol – are yours !