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Salt Cellar (Don Giovanni Records 2017)

Michael Vallera, Michael John Grant and Luca Cimarusti of the Chicago’s Luggage trio came to showing off their ability in the making for the recording intense grooves power within high-techniques and simplicity Grunge-based rocking stuff as Three becoming the band’s good album to be listened while you inside the room of surrounding emptiness or on board for the missions through the remote place in National Geographic team presence as thus higher dark tower symbolizing the modern cooperation of commercialism haunts and danger spreading among us – the humanity following the wrong paths of our greed only.

Illinois picturing musical of instrumental Progressive Rock presented these amazing feedback echoes and more riffs and drum beats force driven to make the non-lyrics for tracks written inside like Phone (telling about the false program on our communication and telecommunicating), Cold Water perhaps, related to the climate change and global warming onto simplified daily issues around Natalie, Wine or Pine that also based on most of the problems surrounding your lives these days. Need to move back from the civilizations and blocking yourself off the over-populated places ? Take this minimalist Drone-punkish record and play it for yourself infliction.