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Safe Falling (Bandcamp 2013)

   Summer’s breaking and take away the last breathing of Spring but the love goes on romantically, the same interesting stories kept on making and spontaneously, pops out as like thus Indie-Pop catchy tunes mixed within New Wave and Dream-Pop from the hailing band formed in Russian Federation like it is still the 80’s era sound of. Incredible pieces of rock out from several points available ideas around Moscow, Komsomolsk-on-Amur with Egor Berdnikov (vocals, guitars), Aleksey Shorin (bass), Andrei Tsvetkov (guitars) and Vladimir Balovnev (drums) tremendously, writing the global music matches themed via When The Trees Were Higher (LP) and this debut from the group named Hospital really shall catching your good visions and liking by the enterprising ears of the audience for the tracks like Spellbound, Secret Place, Made of Sand or Hard ‘n’ Heavy like the beauty surroundings so natural the remote rural purity place in the snap-shot completely, only Time Will Tell.

When The Trees Were Higher (LP):