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Running Bitter Late (Bandcamp 2018)

   Vocalist/guitarist Alex Leniz, bassist/vocalist Eric Hathoway and drummer De Von representing themselves to forms The Damnsel off Tampa, Florida good intentions of Punk-Rocking around for your ears to listen with the danger of an immediate sudden for the limited mini recording filling out the gap into the Punk-Rock house hall of (non)fame needing; produced and mastered by Martin Dunn and released this here over the six track-listing songs as the side-effects of television becoming their subjects of inspiration to written down materials in highly mid-tempo music rebels as a reminder to the most - Family Friendly (EP) listeners out there.

Reality shows and the hypocrite shows filling your kids and yourself heads with something friendly but actually, they’re not. Sylvia Darling or New Beginning or Pull My Strings (Revisited) can be the examples of what’s did wrong today as the tubes had taking over your lives completely by no surprises.

Family Friendly EP: