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Roses A Life Lost (Arising Empire 2015)

One melodic-core new-style with a real babe front woman singer/growler just feels sounding right to the ears of those Heavy Metal lovers whom thirsty for something delighted beauty and dangerous on the similar times as it bursting higher like the hot temperatures and protest lyrics tales about the surrounding worlds which these Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg – Germany of Venues crew with Dennis the drummer, Flo the bass player, guitarists Constantin and Toni onto the double vokilists Robin and Nyves given the Post-Hardcore with a bit of little influences from the likes for Underoath, Vanna, Silverstein and Funeral For A Friend which didn’t specifically just elaborating the brutal-mazed sizing grinds but also there’s harmony melodic sounds like the second song out of Break Down A Venue in Punk-Pop skates romance for Nights Like These or the opening blatant crushing of Broken Glass in four minutes and forty-nine seconds. If time’s up and the raven died inside the hour glass; means perhaps – it’s the end of the rock as we might know it ? 

Don’t … 

Break Down A Venue: