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Rookie Ma Nuit (Lucky Number 2018)

   Teenage Madrid – Spain girls founding themselves being in a format group or band as Ana Garcia-Perrote, Carlotta Cosials naming themselves Deers while later on Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen came in joining but the aliases won’t lasted longer and shortly, changed onto Hinds as the band plays harder; wrote their narratives and love to make the album Ana the guitarist/vocalist explaining the audiences about the group’s new start and fucking ready drenching to those party anthems metaphors and straight cut the chase over Lo-Fi Pop-Indie and Garage Rock surfing temptations on the incoming happy, young and care-free honest reflections through I Don’t Run recording which spawning eleven songs like Finally Floating, I Feel Cold But I Fell More, To The Morning or Rookie and Tester as well as Linda – leaving you fell in love with the ordinary simple plan music from these Spanish teenagers rely upon their producing works resulting lovely good in a not so wildest imaginations !

I Don't Run: