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Ritual Harassment (Supercoven Records 2013)

SuperCoven a.k.a Goretex but upon this secondary releasing project of Mitchell Manzanilla – the darkest reaching on Glenwood programming under the bowels of Brooklyn area goner dwellings now calling himself a new breed of Horror Hip-Hop and Hardcore Rap music as Gore Elohim just like an egoistic selfish creature spawning from the cocoon in a while changing by metamorphosis onto a better higher intelligent beings that used to be a member of Non Phixion as the world traveler recording this Classic album some kinds of thrills and best using with good marijuana listening offered the world a great impressive and creative idea on us having the double invasions from the alien beings above and the nature’s digest of infections while Gore Elohim rapping out the thrilling lyrics and cocaine-d themes of Kill For Hashem, Skeptics Apocalypse, Last Days of Humanity, Lord of Plagues, Inverted Churches or The Essence of Putrescence as well as Poison The City – not just being ruder, violent, horrific, vulgar and showing terror or nudity as frontal as you did needing there. 
Electric Lucifer record shall be a quite interesting blends between Mars Attack meets zombie-flicks meets The Purge or The Happening in really one single package available as ceremonial classics artful beats of the dark streets blessed by hell-fires featuring names like Born Unique, Red Eye, Venom, Jak Tripper, Young Dirty Bastard to Tragedy Khadafi. 

Electric Lucifer: