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Revenge To Annihilate (Blood-Music 2018)

   A Parisien’s Electronic artist came like a b-side haunted version musical from Horror-land leads and mastering through the works of Emeric Laverdon or best known for his alias as Hollywood Burns which got the helps from additional guitar-soloist Olivier Marechai, drums arrangement performance Remi Meilley and vocalist Florent Gerbault as the recording format with the written-songs like Girls with Guns, Carnal Encounters of The Third Kind, Scherzo No. 5 in Death Minor through Black Saucers as well as Survivors are all magnificently, terrifying to listening and the building for the atmosphere collapses like coffin drops open or ghoulies chasing you up fast kinds of situation might easily forcing people to loving the moments of true scares and after that the invasion comes happening but nobody cares anymore because they’re already being hypnotized by the Invaders sounds recording – thanks to Hollywood Burns.