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Revelje Elve (Bandcamp 2015)

   Audio apocalyptic buzzing metallic sounds as this Trondheim, Norway mighty duo of insane talents musicians: Geir Anfinn Halland Johansen behind the drum-set and Knut Finsaas the shredder joining their force of extreme brutal earth-shattering blend of traditional thunderous drumming to the Black/Death Metal and epic Doom Rock noises combinations as winding the ragged pieces of instrumental dynamic pro-raw and bloody disgusting rasps grown within thus hint of melodies under the spells of upside-down cranking inspired Heavy Metal music performance over Anfinnsaas the unity. 

The natural branded autumn-atmosphere and the chaotic taste of the self-titled dragging course on writing down five tracks listed to the several Nordic hemisphere background stories there over Haladsdal, Slatt Fra Rostad or Spissarot through the four, more than that and even eleven minutes and four seconds duration about the crushing beats may turning your dark moods resonates to be tuned darker after this …