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Resistant Missing (Amalgamated Dynamics 2015)


   Like Lance Henriksen as Graff said after the situation things got fucked up mess and bloody horrific as “We need a bigger bucket” stands for how horrible graduated students on board of the eponymous trawler not for fishing but studying the effects of global warming around the pod of belugas on the ship Harbinger but as the plot turned with the finding recover of the crashed Soviet era spacecraft in the vast, colder and remote Bering Sea; an entombed block of ice infected with some kinds of aliens bacteria crawling back to life and attacking those members one by one – changing them onto the shape-shifting monster creatures.
Ronelle and Sadie joining the professor Stephen experimenting study tour for global warming on whales in a commercial fish-trawler crewed by Bowman, Roland, Big G, Dock and Svetlana to Atka as one night the fishermen caught fishes as usual but encounters something large under ice as sonar equipment proves the entire crew finding this soviet lander crashing and brought up to the ship which surprising all as the mystery object soon to be observed. 
   An investigating upon the moon lander by Sadie discovers the soviet cosmonaut died of an infection unknown as skin sample being taken to analyze which later informing Sadie about tardigrades carried by it – a strong life-form of the hard-terrestrial that can survive extreme condition as cosmic mutation radiates it to capable in shapeshifting for the Science-Fiction horror story on Harbinger Dawn continues as the terrifying music and thrilling scenes attached up to the creepy tracks of instrumentals composed by Christopher Drake as belligerent Stephen examining and then contaminated to the mutated tardigrades as the dead body kills Roland; the professor complaining as he stripped off in zero temperatures condition and stalks sprout from his back spraying surroundings area with dark liquid but can freezing Stephen’s body with the lander before someone else showing the indication of new infections before being incinerated with flare gun above deck. In restoring it many souls died and infected as the creature demonstrating a high intelligent behavior to stalk on its prey. 
Svetlana turned out to be a spy but then she also got dragged out and infected too. As the last survivors crew hiding in a bilge and discovers the creature absorbed tons of crabs they’ve caught while Sadie escaping the creature the body of Svetlana resurrecting and impaled Bowman with Gruff fighting the thing as Sadie saving herself scuttle the boat but the creature bursts over the deck and the helps which is coming from Coast Guard rescue helicopter but on ice - she lies motionless …