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Remember Hangover (Bleep-Love 2017)

   SPCCSM can be read as Spacecosmo is one of the famous figure from Russian Chiptune scenery genre that musically inspires the decision for anyone whom wanted or loving the making marks and works of this type of genre-community as this farewell addition to music inextricably autobiographical in messages mentally high fiving the gift of experimental gathering beats and noises samplers always awakening the interests of the listeners and creative minds going out the oblivion and entering new horizon in absolute charge free like this 8Bit/Gameboy recording junkyard graves of many gadgets thrown out as colorful rubbish mentality freezing the existence for Goodbye, My Little Friends! as someone might re-imagining their days where new gaming or online applications arrived and wiping out the physical matters as SPCCSM trying to portray the flexibility against old stuff just like love spend or sell cheaper.

Get yourself well-known to the risks via Fake Pig, Come To Me or Autumn is Back. Bye ! 

Goodbye, My Little Friends: