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Remember Can’t Stand It (Self-Released 2014)

   How on earth the band’s front cover artworks really resemblance to the Oasis big deal recording but labeled as different group because it is true that – Sabotage of Toulouse, France majority taken their influences right from the mighty early Rock legends of UK like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath as inspiration drawn as the seeding intense between the combinations of English and American style of rock music as Bluesy Psychedelic continues the path of this modern settled album rocking by the performance of Felix Jordan (lead vocals, guitars), Benjamin Brembilla (drums, backing vocals), Nicolas Cambronne (bass) as well as MaximeDayre (guitars, backing vocals) and Antoine Larribeau (organ, backing vocals) writing down these five songs arranged by the band in this self-titled recording: Sabotage.

You will loving the flying V six-strings, the production, the official clean vocals and groovy rocks off the refreshing anthem tracks like The Line to The Sea, Roll The Dice and Dance With Me Tonight. 

Freaking awesome honestly melodious – you must try them !