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Quetzalcoatl Terminus Est (Beta-Lactam Ring 2010)

   Zagreb, Croatia’s Psychedelic Krautrock tempo doing pretty well Progressive Rock within the tracks per track as a naked angel beauty stands in front of the cover waiting to fly away when the chance isn’t too damn odd and Future Retro Spasm would become their character of merciful good balancing high-techniques in musica over the existence of Seven That Spells as modern aggressive incorporating polymetric sound-wall possible hailing the centuries where Rock Music is presumed dead by some and most others but the tragic is far away than the Pop culture boring history without it spirits.
   Spacing rockers like Stanislav Muskinja (drums), Gordan Tomic, Narantxa on bass guitar, Jeremy White, Niko Potocnjak the guitarist, Nikola Babic and many other members planning their bombastic brand over the guitar screaming to saxophone bladder noises from Lovro Zlopasa cranking harder through the sexy track-lists from Death Star Narcolepsy, The Abandoned World of Automata onto G and Olympos. 
   The harder the drumming techniques bites as you trying to avoid experimental Progressive metallic within you – the more easily you flee onto the sensational pleasure involving the likes on this kinds of futuristic rocks ! 

Future Retro Spasm: