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Quandary Sokkole (Rising Recording 2014)

   Energy and impressions gets through the combinations of the releasing album from the producer bert Minnaert and mastering by Chris Common that comprising on the blended devotional Progressive Post-Hardcore/Math-Rock and Liege – Belgium unit playing the Post-Rock sessions under the name of Ilydaen for the finishing touch over Maze the album record; sounding closer to the rest of the bone-yard shift  shadows addicted to the legendary Tool, Prog-Metal and noise exhibition performing by the trio clues: Anthony L behind the drum-sets, Erik B on bass guitar and Daniel S on six-strings as added their influences from Magyar Posse, Bear McCreary, Isis, These Arms are Snakes or Twelve Tribes and Cult of Luna as they’re putting something different like a short vocals but mostly, the highly techniques of improvements among the instrumental adventuring tunes available there such on Argon Walls, 1/121, Lux for the under three minutes durations onto the higher six minutes more aggressively head-bangs via Curves & Saeptums, Breach or Daedalus. 

Feels like you has been flown within the evening winds or summer force of nature after hearing the half of this.