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Qliphoth Do Us Unite (Well Of Urd 2001)

   The Secret Kingdom releasing its slow-demented deathly hollowing vibrations of Ambient Doom Metal or Neo-Classical written lyrics or themes in sorrowful harmonies above the story-based on solitude, darkness and despair for these Sydney, New South Wales binge purged terrifying sounds between renaissance or medieval cultures assigning the reluctant danger waiting in the dark corners to feast over its victims as being master-minding through the good hard works of the duet couple Simon Gurer (guitars, bass, keyboards, drums) and Megan Tassaker (vocals) releasing their debut recording studio album which easily can make any Type O negative and Peter Steele himself proud smiling form the deep well of slumber haven of the damned souls as Avrigus performing their tracks of mournful desolation into the pit of tears and Gothic visions within Veritas, Flesh, Shades Of My heart, The Grail or Dark Angels’ Ascension as you might listening the deader winds of autumn blowing to damn early this year in Down Under area.

Dead trees dried out and the tunnel of the past opens to connecting the presents back for the touches of sins long forgotten … 

The Secret Kingdom: