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Possa SP-404 (Self-Released 2017)

   Non-description December momentum on its early days spawning the creativity of mixture music and beats just like the bridging thoughts idea connected South Korea, San Francisco and the Old-School Classics Hip-Hop Rap beat-tape as the Sunset Red, Menina, Comfortinfight or Coltrane’swavesarehittin’mahurt with Maadly In … L describing more further into Angel Dust and Loopin’ Thrudaday and being squeezing as weird as you can read the sign for Windywindfromgreenarybrazil made reasonable to listening as these experimental abusive recording made into sounds by Beautiful Disco isn’t actually – a deeply sleepy yoga techniques but as Heavy Rotation comes to your stereo to play; flawless attempts and braver appearance by Jeremiah Jae must be a good point for seeking more interesting information around the album of the straight Hip-Hop recommended for all ages like this thing !

Heavy Rotation: