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Plutonium Pigs (Impose/Sabotage 2008)

   Fly like an eagle would be a perfect saying onto the description for Team Robespierre – the Brooklyn formation of six-piece Punk players in more groovy har-house hyphy mixture to Electro-Pop sounds as Rex (guitar, vocals), Ty (keys, vocals), Tomasz (keyboards, vocals), Mike House (bass, vocals), Jason (bass, vocals) and Jim (drums) let heir materials being recorded by a quite semi-professional productions through the debut release on Everything’s Perfect as a must try celibate modern sounds cranking the tracks of new millennium themes among Laika, Ha Ha Ha, Gasoline, Death Smells right through 88th Precinct as well as Mal De Mer within the yellow skies background and Pop-Rock punkish electronic catchy music listed on the record deal for any new and older fans of fast incredible good music forms of art. 

Everythings Perfect: