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Pig Sweat (Sabotage Records 2018)

Queer-Hardcore or Punk-disaster crew of mixed male/female souls wanted to protesting openly about their sex-orientations or other issues relevant to the relativity relationships over humans and the surroundings of nature and artificial; hailing from Portland, Oregon – Macho Boys isn’t all just boys but actually, consisting on Chris Mason, Sam George as well as Samantha Gladu and Tekiah sounded like Rancid on their women’s elemental clothes as this S/T LP recording dedicated not just for the one and only Stone Cold Steve Austin but also tonality needing to be shared their aggressive music as you might cannot catching the lighter beats they’ve made here. 

The blending for Death-Rock, Indie New Wave Punk and those gut-busting tracks from Dinosaur, Papa Don’t Preach Part 2; Class of 1984, Liar, Dark Place and Cockroach really brings many trouble to the hearing sense of the sensitivity people whom always letting themselves dumb and ignorant cause the world’s turning fast since the revolutions of simple rocks gripping the ass of thus bimbos some decade ago !