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Phrenology (Bandcamp 2016)

   Call this one hundred percent - crazy features arts of non-musical fits for the insane people left behind by their family on the asylum located on a remote place which isn’t on the map; Scary Beetles screaming and talking nonsense about catastrophic with a sick joke gone way too damn far as the future all so you might not having normal music anymore as the Pain-Grind genre dealing in impressive stupidity recorded because art without planning would be called (just) artistic arts and this should not becoming the next advertisement telling how the mad monkey-masked man riding the cemented limousine and the trigger to ticking voices recorded by Ford Falcon xr6 as the damn piano play from hell of children goes viral not regularly, for shopping – just good for shooting someone; like an asshole for such a better reason for listening the terrible lunacy inside Road Rage album.

Everything else may following the rules of Cobain’s law screams and Melbourne bedroom sons of bitches whining for Captain Crack Proudly Presents!, Don’t Let Them, Creepy Crawly Cut You, So Close To Home, Shane Goes For Gold or Could You? getting the audience even madder than this  ?!? 

Road Rage: