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Photographer Simple (Blackheart Records 2007)

   The attractive-curved-independent and dangerous should becoming popular girl’s leading rocking band for their first debut album performed by Jenn Alva, Nina Diaz and Phanie D of this Alternative Rock pleasure treasure within their presence as Girl In A Coma – whether they’re queer or not is not the important things today but here which casually gets good for the listening lovers liking thus mid-tempo music and a little bit spontaneous shocking truth lied for the lyrics may for some people being called as annoying but mostly, comes in such a catchy meaningful feelings about the small talks on women’s daily issues and non political penetration just for Their Cell, I’ll Ask Him, Road To Home onto Say and Clumsy Sky not just In The Background but carefully, shall interacts your attraction over the group on this releasing – Both Before I’m Gone; like Race Car Driver against Mr. Chivalry dealing with the point of Pop-Rock and Punk-Pop fighting not to get Celibate Now kinds of stories !

Both Before I'm Gone: