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Perfect God Sex (Independent 2018)

   No, they’re not the trying band fined for being a copycat for NOFX kinds of faster Punk-Rock popular but as copyrighted on Neural Punk and Boston’s Artificial Alogarithmic Electro-metallic machine in a non-compromised blasts as the advance contains of specificially, authorized materials of retrieval computational creativity believed to assures about how tough and dangerous still the “play-back” methods as you being dare to write the lyrics in order as a new proof that some products may certainly, contains of hidden messages as Dadabots did this programs as a development on being artists of artificial releasing the strange/odd/weirder play-button pushes for Bot Prownies leaving some of its highly, low understandable meanings but when one listening to them carefully, the secret codes may showing – tells the truth about what is ever led us all to trouble is the good guys themselves. 
Screaming on meaningless play-back system upon Just From The Cake, Brains Bricks, Sloppy Cops and The Rationality of My Party Bottles in Session really cannot turning back but Lose Home directions as children dancing or playing guitar covering the mind-controlling brain washing plan by the smart robot as the advance weapon from the future leaders’ textbook plan disguising all as a parody of Punk in Drublic ! 

Bot Prownies: