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Pauper Wholesome (Bandcamp 2012)

   Would it is perfect for the smaller parts of the music media to established the term for Death-Pop because again these Seattle, WA group of quartet darlings from The Carpathian Mountains (like they’ve describe) composite Danny The Street right now to be at any time – flicking the crimson red ghoulish echoed long deader mission music taken from the late Roy Orbison and 80’s Alternative Pop era in vacuum and hooks within thus jagged pitch or piece of glass breaking not preety to your eyes and harmful in dense as the drawn measurement made by Jared, Ben, Jeremy and Cynthia calmly isn’t going to be favorites for many people in normal living – liking music performance.

   The burning house and Prom Is King statement must be the exact pleasure in the making to build their own testimony over lives as Abracadabra, Shadow & Torture, All My Birthdays Suck onto No More Playing Around and I’m Taller Than You turning even smallest differences onto a bigger conflicts that drags human beings to be lost in communication around others as the modern rubbish life reaching its highest peak – taking your childhood away from being happy and die at year five by your own parenting mistakes given no freedom as the reasons for being over-protected and dull thoughts – killing creativity. 

Please, rethinking before you forcing a child turning to machine and let them eat cakes and listening to odd music rather than put them to boarding school earlier - as getting weirder is fun. 

Prom Is King: