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Party Surprise (Bandcamp 2016)

Indie basement of Alternative Rock or Psyche-Punk and Shoegaze of a simple and ordinary musician as a band with these Sea Cliff, New York unit consisting for Lucia, Christian, Cal and Ken might do good by releasing this intrusion of their cool distorting softer monotonous driven sound-making over Laika – naming after the first dog cosmonaut releasing out to the space by soviet space program rocket and satellites back in the mid of nineteen forty era. 

Holding the star and stripes means business or mocking but the music is freaking real and these - Turnip King quartet might doing their ideas in a very creative ways possible as they’re arranging Carsong, Rosy’s On Safari, Metonymy onto The Ho_Se as well as Redo reserved in reverse over Indie Rock fortune goes diligently, meaningless but never felt dumb !