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Pale Cursed Sky (Earache 2018)

   Blending the expressive but gloomy dark and sorrowful Doom-Metal/Stoner Rock to Psychedelic sounds rocking you on doing the head-bang or ritualistic events in the night by the edgy of the woods like cult just closer related in similarity sins as Chris McLaughlin (guitars/vocals), Graham Zander (guitars), Ryan Skates (bass) and Ryan Sims (drums) in the weight of the summoning evil riffs, lovecraft’s horrors from the cosmos as well entrance to isolation as the blasting drums louder the destruction effects carried out by the group from Denver, Colorado – Green Druid as this releasing of dismal forgotten world themes and ancient beliefs opens the hiding in veil of the mist for Ashen Blood to be once again be worshiped as the hooded crew members did the ambient rock smoking walls as hash oil and crypt comes out after the long burning to be birthed back this new millennium which magically spells out in vows and curses through Agoraphobia, Dead Tree, Ritual Sacrifice, Nightfall or you just hallucinating under the controls of the brotherhood wizards that has no name to spoke about to the world. 

Ashen Blood: