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Pain Another (Black Skull Records 2015)

   Let’s talking about Mother Of War within the exact Old School Death Metal’s doomsday non-preparation or a Death n’ Roll prepositions made highly grinding dangerous and raw dark influences from Asphyx, Bolt Thrower and more Old School metallic Death scene builds as hailing from Lower Saxony – Gottingen under the circumstance extreme brutal formations: O. Halsschneider (vocals), P. Walter (drums), M. Schulz (bass) and B. Grapp (guitars) as the releasing on their growler album number two on Iron Flesh as deathly hollows and destructions erupts followed the cold war, dirty wars and further more the hatred war as the beheading of the tyrants army only spawning another tyranny upon the world over and over again under the stupid purposes, leading doubts and ego-selfishness bombarding the errorism waging of the attacks through Morser, Bloodcult, Silencer, Tank Brigade, or Purify The Spawn came to flatten your territory down in terrorizing news about eternal peace.

Iron Flesh: