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Order Boy Tommy (Geykido Vornet 2011)

   The third releasing by far of their Post-Punk rocking careers within thus creativity to explosively, exploring and transcending the colored fictions onto a simple taste of reality comes to actions as perfect almost through Punkish/Pop rocking variation-pro via Holding Onto Sound’s album – The Sea which showing not only the humps of the mythical creature of the great lake fresh-water within dark waves but also their cool blending of Ska/Reggae and Punk-Pop for the screaming sufficient protests and themes over Land of Do As You Please, Brother, Dynamite & Gun, Running Rampant or Watery Grave as well as Questions that sounding powerful, fresh and young but also didn’t forgetting to harnessing the wreckage living tales that some people never taste them ever because they’re born richer – looking pity down the poor and called poverty an abomination. 

The Sea: