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Old Brown Shoes (Hometown Caravan/Barnes & Quincy 2009)

   How soon is your late ends for now as it is again time for your breakfast, lunch or dinner in life’s prison sentences called daily lives or a real reality which building some concept for those whom being ordinary or born ordinary with the little bit tasty for Punk-Country-Folk semi-acoustic on drilling hole escaping or just writing songs to tell the listeners about your failure stories when everybody runs away – faced by Kay Buchheim alias Digger Barnes features his good old slow-motion Country-Rock Folkish of six six six venue for Time Has Come with a glass of beer and Tabasco even when the feeling fully doubt and uncertain – every single tracks must be performed just like the combining spirits off Lou Reed plus Johnny Cash facing cloudy skies with the sang on Song For a Sleepwalker, Waiting For The Snakes, 4PM, Slacker Song, One Tricky Pony and The River.

Don’t stand up there, sit down bud ! 

Time Has Come: