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Of Gnosis Key (Bandcamp 2017)

Whether you discovering it accidentally or not on purposes; nothing’s changing how you will be slowly blown away by the sounds of these heavy riffs and psychedelic vibes joining forces from the Belgium unit of Doom/Stoner and Psychedelic Rock recorded by Grotto – the trio consisting on Marvin Dinneweth (guitars), Jeroen Moerman (bass) and Arno Tucker Cottyn (drums) assembling their bigger and thicker progressions over thus performance for the cult-tinged complicated album on Circle Of Magi. 

As the shroom, the sacred well and the masked brotherhood making rituals performs surrounding it calling the spirits and the supernatural from eleven minutes and six seconds onto another eleven and twenty-one seconds track number two that is Periphelion which opening the biggest veil in front of the universe smaller in shapes as seeing onto the wider spacing or the space journey to the exploding edgy stars by the spells under the dark magic reveals the truth to be spreading by rock music mysteriously. 

Blossoming frozen hell and blessings over broken promises is here displaying. 

Circle Of Magi: