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Of Ashes And Dust (Cryo Chamber 2018)

Written, produced and performed by Thomas Langewehr and mastering by Simon Heath – is back again within this second efforts of his Egyptian-themed as silence oppressed, your breath felt shallow slower, thin narrow ceiling spaces as your heart starting to pounds panic in darkness atmosphere as well solitude prevails which are possible as Ager Sonus brought the underground fragments of past memories of ancient history and past memories of the sand dunes backdropping civilization and occult secrets Buried deeper in symbols, hieroglyphs guiding your vision within images as Necropolis played through the system nerves. 

Picturing the straight tall standing Anubis creature-gods and creepiest Hamunaptra shadows slowly creeping via Ambient Drone soundscapes telling tales about Shards of Umm El-Qaab, Valley of The Kings onto Deciphering Hieroglyphs of the Lost as mysteries and mystic blended within  and opens the entrance to the searching answers about Abu Simbel territory shrouding the missing links between the old decades and the modern fainted views inside the tombs of the forgotten days – waiting to be unearthed by the hands of those imposters or greedy souls in present times.