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Obsession Nomi Malone (Not On Label 2016)

   Existing by the alias staging name of Robots With Rayguns; this Synth-Pop/Electro artist from Phoenix – Arizona real name Lucas Patrick Smith has releasing his forth recording albums which describing as Wild Style which carries the distinctive sexiness, bold experimental beats and Deep House/Hip-Hop/Break-beats to EDM featuring old board and new friends and groovy dance anthems truly branded as back in action freshly tunes combinations as your ears can hear them on Body Heat, Spark (feat. TT The Artist), Bitchin’, Feed The Rhythm and Gone (feat. BluJ) as need U Tonight (feat. Carl Gershon) will infinitely, makes the Sweat It Out of yours and the girls and the rest of the oldie eighties fans clubbers and music listeners playing games over it – you’ll see !

   With a babe wearing hot-shorts and fashioned up like it's still turning back to eighties again or the bling bling tiger power ready to breeding your imagination to the most fulfilling things possible - nasty or don't but creative though.

Wild Style: