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Obia Intro (False Idols 2017)

   Born Adrian Nicholas Matthews Thaws not just becoming an English actors per se but mostly musician named himself on stage and later on as Tricky as the career of this man for releasing so many recordings and singles and song-writing materials for Trip-Hop and Electronic listed a long terms of passion which divided onto superb beats and total mixtures of entirely, influences among the sophomore Classics, Pop culture and rocking thoughts or ideas which confirms these next steps of the experimental noise groovy beats via Ununiform imaginative sounds on Tricky’s latest products through Wait For Signal, Same As It Ever Was, New Stole, Blood of My Blood, Dark Days, Armor and Running Wild and When We Die – within the co-producing combining force by Vasilly Vakulenko, Levan Avazashvilli or Scriptonite surpassing your questioning sense about the half story themes made by this scary man.

You will fall for him as you might liking it put on the gearing of experimental music on punching !