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Nyx Wine (Lupus Longue 2012)

   Avant Garde of Germany’s Black Metal unit hailing from their place on Osnabruck, Lower Saxony and the team-up metal-heads consisting of Daevas (bass), sG (guitars, keyboards), Ar (vocals, guitars) and Thelemnar (drums) wrote down the interests of darkness themes for the likes of occultism, metamorphoses and thelema within the clashing brute violence full length records of Seven Bells which reminding us for the horror carried out by the doomy Black Sabbath early recordings as Secrets Of The Moon providing the insulin of satanic moonlight ritual of paganism ways to the ancient times before Christianity came over and tricking the land’s local inhabitants and shall never makes them bow down entirely to the monotheist god but hatred bursts to denying Worship inside the shire of holy churches or cathedrals, sacrificing the innocent blood for the Serpent Messiah, Goathead demands of killing the enemies and your bursting sins by listening to the real extreme Black Metal progressive not the cleric’s propaganda here by declaring The Three Beggars (Satan’s Church) rebuild and prevailing the century of torments under the blood moon eclipse of the new millennium times.

Seven Bells: