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Not Coming Home (Dimension Films 2011)

   “We’re going to the moon” seems to be a great phrase if not sarcastic perhaps, hope wishing for a safe reality mission to there and back again to planet earth as the crew of cancelled mission for Apollo 18 informed then, that they’re ready to continue the journey under the top-secret Department of Defense (DoD) disguising them as a satellite launch in December 1974 comprising of commander Nathan Walker, Lieutenant Colonel John Grey and Captain Ben Anderson going to outer space toward the placing moon detector for US against the impending attacks from USSR. One remains orbiting while two astronauts leaving Freedom command module landed within Liberty lunar module as the plan goes on fine at first with a bit rough surface but good tracking system and clean touchdown as the pair taken rock samples around the area as the noise disturbance are interference claimed by Houston command center but camera didn’t lie capturing a moving rock-formation/creature-alike closer to the space module as some interference keeps happening while the astronaut sleeps. Further lunar explorations showing them discovers footprints, still-functioned Soviet LK Lander fully blood-stained and a dead cosmonaut under the crater as any soviet presence fearing to be lurking around the US mission as it continues. 
With the mysterious US flag outside the area gone missing and the launch to going back aborted because the violent shaking rocks Liberty module to suffer damages as inspection reveals non-human presence as extra-terrestrial evidence with Walker still outside screaming about something moving inside his spacesuits with a spider-like creature captured crawling across his face inside the helmet as he disappears collapsing near the module unconscious being brought back by Ben whom removing an embedded moon rock inside his wound outside his ribcage. 
   Speculation about the true intention of ICBM warning device and the developing of Walker’s signs of spreading infection increasing paranoid among them as the camera once again captures the moving rock as alien life-form disguising as a rock formation either it is delusional or not the destruction of a camera accidentally damaging the system as Apollo 18 must be the next secret mission after the last one which known to public. With Walker fell and dragged into a crater by hundreds of moon rock creatures leaving Ben to run away saving himself inside the LK Lander of the Soviet even the connection with DoD resulting that the mission is a failure and he cannot getting back to the shuttle but stay as the infections detected as the harsh communication interrupted by the arrival of Walker breaking the glass with hammer tries to enter as the creatures swarming hid face and making his head exploding as Anderson launches up to contacting Grey but as the reporting about infection and the orders to cancel the saving attempts is on air – Anderson non-gravity position reveals some moon rock turning to creatures around him and attacks to infects while the too fast module then hitting Freedom in abruptly killing crash and NASA sending this terrible news about how the astronauts died in their trainings with un-recoverable bodies as officials over the found footage cuts.  Various artists filling in the soundtrack movie with Cheap Day Return from Jethro Tull, Xmas Carol – Alla Sirenko, We Three Kings from Maxwell Knight onto Dark Side Of The Moon performed by Jody Reynolds and The Clock is Still Ticking (Harry Cohen and Wylie Stateman) won’t be able to hide the conspiracy mission story gone terribly wrong.