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Noche En La Tierra (Not On Label 2018)

   The duet of girls from Pamplona, Spain by the name of Cora Bloom as you meet them in the flesh as cutey female figures whom can making good music influenced by late sixties Pop-Rock and Rock n’ Roll surfing as Mariana Perez Abendano and Oiaia Bloom whom portraying themselves not as the previous members off either Sonic Trash, Rubia or The Manilas and Las Culebras in the new recording session on this mini record with the written for these four tracks for entertaining yours here as Cora Bloom designated their ideas by the making over the ultimate Actitud comes within the four minutes and ten seconds or Historias De La Muerte means something like the lost tape sounds from The Cranberries in a very decent Spanish version and the reflection for those personal altar of self-worshiping good enough to make-up your presence there with peacock tail-feathers or ancient vase and forest berries picture.

Cora Bloom: