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No Tolerance (Pure Noise Records 2016)

   New-School Screamo-Core unit off the Orange County, California consisting for George Schmitz on drums, Andrew Rose the bass player, Josh James and Chris Rawson on guitars onto vocalist Jesse Barnett calculates to predicted that Hardcore Melodic won’t really rocking for too damn long under the unfriendly pressing media to put false information just like the symbolic drawings sign for the front cover of this extended play release entitled – Better Ash Than Dust comes rocking hard as the beats and the tempos mixing right to put your dilemma onto a forged of mosh-pit slamming war dance with many souls on board trying to search for salvation via harsh fucking extreme Hardcore melodic mayhem here on the two minutes, fifty seconds Universal Language, The Suspend for over four minutes and fifteen seconds as old-school rabid shocker fast drumming comes to entertaining the angry youth filling in their daily moments with being a failure rebel to starts class struggles back again to the streets as The Never Ending Story.

Better Ash Than Dust: