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N64 Lovecraft (Not On Label 2018)

Inspired but lesser-known of homespun batch comprising for foursome Andrew Tamlyn, Casey Huizenga, Logan Mooney and Shane Tripp from Grand Rapids, MI writing about their themed tracks of musical blending those elixir, nightmare and sweet dreams upon experimental Dream-Pop homemade Lo-Fi Psychedelic Rock N’ Roll spacing wavy sounds as the blurry cream colors drawn the front cover for Limp Wristed calls the stereo listeners to giving their focus over Gideon, Niima, Drifter or Sunken Place leaving euphoria and echoes as few old patterns and children with cats tales would becoming a higher volume being produced by Fyrrh – the group.

Won’t get newer than this better for the new millennium’s looking back the past package songs ! 

Limp Wristed: