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My Champion Rotterdam (Inside Out Music 2017)

   Leaving her previous exciting Progressive Metal group didn’t actually, giving the time spend results a dull moment for Anneke van Giersbergen whom standing still high and manage to build her newer acts of not too personal group with Ed Warby, Ferry Duijsens, Johan van Stratum and Jord Otto via these magnificent groovy blasts of Symphonic melodies and seminal Goth-Rock actions through Vuur and you might already loving how the woman given her ability of beautiful voices and the band’s arranging tunes within.

   In This Moment We Are Free – Cities completed its appearance by metallic soft-edgy and wonderful adventurous themes telling the audience about various tales titled like The Martyr and The Saint – Beirut, The Fire – San Francisco, Sail Away – Santiago, Valley of Diamonds – Mexico City and Your Glorious Light Will Shine – Helsinki among others. Written and based on the group’s journey and diary of stories made onto lyrics and sharing them to the crowds to implicitly experience it too. 

In This Moment We Are Free - Cities: