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Muqaddim Existential (Self-Released 2013)

   Muhammad Abdullah Hamzah dub-project besides the Alternative Sufi Electronic Synthwave in sound fusions from the western and middle eastern influences combining as the futuristic attitude off the Islamic open doors explaining that there’s nothing converted to hatred in muslim’s Sufism as literary means poverty of fuqara as dependence to Allah/God terminology as recognition to be expelled away from reality realms and its problematic to reaching seventh heavenly aesthetic common ground associated only to the higher creator as heart-given, kindness and almost madness ecstasy composed by Bruce Baker and Muhammad Abdullah Hamzah to Mian Rahman, Simon Wade, David Vause and Rachel Golding by collaborations as Melvana Rumi told us to learn more wisely says,” Christian, Jews, muslim, Shaman, Zoroastrian, stones, ground, mountains, river and every each has their secrets way of being with mysteries – unique and not to be judged.” Such an awesome statement of peaceful truth and freedom to listening as Marifa {Gnosis}, Sufi Sema, The Forms, Drive, Moment in Time, Reflection onto ReTro BoX and Annihilation in Allah {Fana Fillah} really spreading floating umbrellas not waiting for the rain but kissing the tip of the tree and celebrates differences with The Analogue Fakir releasing on Worlds We Know as Drum & bass, Electronic, Psy-Breakbeat and Synthwave fusion locking the eternity of better visions of coexist.

Worlds We Know: