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Multi Vee (Independent 2018)

   The Weirdo couple of Pedalphile and Ryan Kuehn from the Thursday Club group but expels their expressive impressions for experimentally, trying to forget the ordinary and making something more non-popular sinister as the slow, eerie and low-intercepted Quinnertronics: The Last Jedi isn’t the official recording themes too much closer to the epic muvie directed by Rian Johnson and Lucasfilm but according to the entire four track-listed compositions here on this mental-alliance performance for Electronic harsh-noises, Dark Ambient and Cleveland, Ohio’s mind-pulling structures off the terrible annoying forms on Berenstain Beers or Nothing’s Shocking/Twist At The End or Crawl Daddy that has young good-looking version of Princess Leia or Queen Amidala and her pet creature needs to be saved by the disco-jedi hero with the force concluded the story-based making in.

   Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman isn’t your truly therapist and care-giver further longer to be paid to tells you what to do because their plans there seemed to be all broke-out in such a terrible terms of meaningless aim of anything closer to a Free-Jazz album.