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Motherf**ker Ashes (Columbia Records 2018)

   Living happily (not forever) after while successfully working a mercenary in two years didn’t leave the stupidity out from the audience favorable figure to watch as Deadpool 2 is back with some fucking harsh language, terms and phrase as sarcastic as he always be with his beautiful spouse Vanessa; Wade Wilson trying to start a family before the mobs finding him and kill the girl he loved. Even after blown up himself to pieces Wade still cannot die but being helped by Colossus and brought to X-Mansion and he agrees to joining X-Men as he healing up. 
Responding to a stand-off situation where a young teenage mutant Firefist or Russell Collins ready to destroying his orphanage house due to the abusive acts did to him and others inside for many years. Arrested but not for long – a cybernetic soldier from the future Cable arrives to take his revenge to the kid whom in his time murdering his family by crime acts of arsons while Deadpool also being detained inside the mutant prison and got into a big fight as Cable broke in the place to kill Russell. Being convince by the spirit of Vanessa from the other side to help the boy; Wade decided to follow his intuition and sarcastic silliness openly the whole laughable blood-bath, slashing explosions and more hostile scenes over the movie as he decided to make his own team with registration open and added some weird assignments like The Vanisher (Bratt Pitt), sexy brown-sugar babe Domino (Zazie Beetz) whom always gets lucky and the rest of the X-Force team doing the high-jumping from a plane which unsuccessfully, killed most of the team-mates expect Domino. 
   As the story goes to rescuing Firefist whom releasing his idol mutant Juggernaut to help him avenged the orphanage people; Deadpool also being helped by Cable, Domino, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead along the way on stopping the boy from committed his first crime led to make him a true criminal in the near future. More oldie Classics songs added as well to the soundtrack of V.A Original Motion Picture Soundtrack like Air Supply, A-Ha to Dolly Parton just like the highlighted Cher’s If I Could Turn back Time, Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes to the newer artists and senior singer like Diplo, French Montana and Dj Shadow; Tyler Bates supervising and composed the instrumental tracks along with Teamheadkick, Skrillex performing Bangarang onto Alice Morton and Celine Dion completed the recording on Deadpool’s ridiculous awkward and excellent songs collection. Saving Collins by taking Cable’s bullet shot to himself did make Wade dying and after several funny moments waiting – dead but the meeting with Vanessa isn’t the end to him and Cable used his time travelling machine to fixed everything back to happy ending and save the day as Deadpool goes back to kill himself evil version on X-Men Origins: Wolverine as well as Ryan Reynolds starring The Green Lantern are such a burst of hideous laugh leave the audience having mixed stomach-ache !