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Mortui Mundi (Blut & Eisen Prod./W.T.C 2014)

   The meaning for "Consolamentum" of more Death/Black Metal alliance shall terrorizing the normal ears of people conservatively, needs a good head-breaks or changes of faith truly – may finding the right malevolent and seminal brute energy of extremities as being shown through the German tyrants naming themselves as Ascension as like the moth of skull and the other ancient symbols relating the necessity important passion fervor and compositions of maturity onto illumination and obsidian depth meaning brought by innermost of darkness parts of hell went becoming out of control as imagination bound metallic morbid retaliations onto this damn planet planned and executes by this kinds of musical album where Heavy Metal turning to a highly dangerous materials to share for telling the survivor’s ears how Unlocking Tiamat, Death’s Golden Temple, The Dark Tomb Shines and Deathless Light – occurs within the misusing ritual over Black Ember; denying the saving lights or the second protocol measurement but kept on grinding by progressions towards the ultimate extinction over mankind for The Dead Of The World project.

The endeavor uphold eclipse disaster will continues …

The Dead Of The World: