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Monster Earthquake (End Of The Light 2014)

   Lining-up with Johan van Stratum on bass guitar, drummer Martijn Peters, Eric Hazebroek on guitars/music onto Marcela Bovio the vocalist/lyricist/violin as well as Jeffrey Revet on piano to Stephan Schultz the lead guitarist nailing their complete group formations under the sacred name chosen as Stream Of Passion of the Netherlands did pretty well to surviving the progressions and the competitions over thus Symphonic Metal genre upon euro nations. The proof can be seeing there through the latest album recording from them entitled – A War Of Our Own as Heavy Metal meets Symphonic Epic Metal rocks your stereo system as the orchestral and the ensemble of both rhythmic and soloist melodic blaring to rules the atmosphere since. Entrapment soul of female intuitions and the beauty being tied-up almost eternally cannot hide or moving forward but sadly, crying and telling tales of broken romance to how the entire society collapsing slowly as the humanity goes insane, greedy and left nothing to adore anymore because many things being raped and ripped. 
Listening for these anthem and story-tales on miracles, fantasy, downfall and the searching for better lives in after worlds may possibly nailed via The Curse, Autophobia, Burning Star, Exile and Delirio or Secrets which meant the tears falling down for dealing with the left behind space of an empty jar which nobody can filled in again but the true stormy love might. 

Harmony melodies off the piano and the female vocals describing them perfectly, wounded …

A War Of Our Own: