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Molasses Maraschino (Other Electricities/Roofless 2012)

As meditative as powerful the repetition comes in such non-ecstatic tempered joy of the doomsday happiness extracts infinitely as it seems while Psychedelic Drone and Rock N’ Roll despair leads any variations on joy-tinged in metallic order slower, heavier performing by drummer Beatriz Monteavaro and guitarist Gavin Perry capturing their style of the monotonous darkened superior rhythmic in seminal brute ways calls it Holly Hunt and the releasing for Year One provides the displaying of death meaning thicker and mean that you ever chased to be reality confessed in kinds of Stoner Doom Metal works there.

Jonathan Nunez recorded it and the couple rock-heads filling up the emptiness with Klub, Manchurian Candidate, Papers Please, New Sun onto Destroy All Monsters just like you did the blind-flight through-out the deserted areas surrounding by skeletons and dying souls hungry for immortality phase that never touching the bare-foot ground of the Atlas. 

Year One: